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Manage the impact of your infrastructure, everywhere

De-risk and monitor the impact of your infrastructure investments. Login to VIDA and know what is happening where, across your portfolio.


VIDA is used to channel and manage investments into sustainability in over 30 countries.

Easy to learn & use

Personalized projects

Seamless integrations


Manage thousands of locations

Managing a portfolio of investments across the world is a daunting task. With VIDA it becomes easy. Start by importing your locations with a single click. They are immediately visualized on a map. Now, you can add lots of relevant geospatial and risk layers to give you the context you need.


Good data is teamwork

When you start collaborating with your stakeholders your data comes to life: it becomes granular, reliable and remains up to date. Now, you can easily create automated information requests on the impact that matters to you, such as SFDR or SDGs. You are always in full control of your data, access rights and privacy.


See what’s happening where

On VIDA, you can combine your internal data with hundreds of relevant geospatial and risk data layers to verify and deepen your impact information. Moving between the dashboard and map view, you can track the overall performance of your portfolio and deep-dive into individual sites.


Automated, compliant reports

Impact or ESG reporting is getting stricter every day. Instead of reacting to new requirements, VIDA gives you the transparent data basis you need to be ahead of the curve and turn impact into a competitive advantage. You can create compliant, automated reports on many impact perspectives from SFDR to UNPRI or SDGs. Download the report or share your dashboard to provide your stakeholders with real, up-to-date insights into the impact created by your assets globally.


VIDA is used to channel and manage billions of dollars of impact investments across the world.


asset locations


investment monitored


active countries

“Exceptional materials. The most durable glass ever in a smartphone. A beautiful new gold finish, achieved with an atomic-level.”

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Project Manager, Fila Sports

“Exceptional materials. The most durable glass ever in a smartphone. A beautiful new gold finish, achieved with an atomic-level.”

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Project Manager, Fila Sports

“Exceptional materials. The most durable glass ever in a smartphone. A beautiful new gold finish, achieved with an atomic-level.”

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Project Manager, Fila Sports


Bring your data to life

Experience the power of seeing your data on a map, interacting with it in an easy and collaborative manner and drawing on contextual insights. With VIDA, you can comprehensively manage your impact.


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On-ground data

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Note taking

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Document uploads

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Pinpoint your portfolio locations on a map and add geospatial data layers to learn about your existing or prospective investments.

Impact data

Ask your stakeholders to regularly add impact data.


Have your team add notes, fotos, PDFs or designs to each asset location. Engage your stakeholders directly, you want more information.


Access your VIDA dashboard and instantly download or share compliant reports (ESG, SFDR, etc.).


VIDA in action

From infrastructure funds to banks, multinationals and even governments, VIDA helps direct and manage impact investments across the world.

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